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Peripheral Artery Disease Specialists

Welcome to our national "Peripheral Artery Disease(PAD) Screening" information website,


We are currently expanding our west coast operations from our 4 current PAD surgical centers in East Los Angeles(City of Commerce-Downey-Huntington Park), San Diego(North County-Vista), Bakersfield and Lancaster to include the states of Utah, South Dakota and Iowa.


Each PAD screening and surgical center offers state of the art testing(ABI Test/Ultrasound) and treatment options. These Peripheral Artery Disease treatment options include angiogram testing(catheter angiography) as well as atherectomy procedures, which may inlcude balloon angioplasty and stent insertion. Each medical service we offer is a minimally invasive out patient procedure for people suffering from foot pain, leg cramps, bad circulation which may be a result of diabetic foot/leg or some other vascular condition.

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​Peripheral Arterial Disease

At FIT Vascular, our mission is to diagnose symptoms like leg pain/cramps, foot and leg sores/ulcers, as well as poor circulation which are associated with Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), while also offering services to treat varicose veins.


As noted in the video below, millions of Americans suffer from poor blood circulation in their legs putting them at risk for leg and foot amputation.


We accurately diagnose and treat patients with minimally invasive out patient procedures with our state of the art treatment options that require no hospitalization admission or overnight stay.

We offer Free PAD Screening and Consultations

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​Who should be screened for PAD?

According to the American Heart Association, people older than 50 years of age with a history of diabetes mellitus or smoking should have an ABI test. In addition, anyone older than 65 year of age should undergo an ABI test to evaluate for PAD. These guidelines are the same for both men and women. 

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